Client Feature Friday: Dr. Carmona Visits Forest North Elementary

img_7719Welcome again to Client Feature Friday! I think you know that today is our favorite blogging day, when we focus on one of our clients and all the amazing things happening at their practice. Today, we’re looking at Dr. Ernesto Carmona Jr’s practice, Austin Prosthodontics. Recently, Dr. Carmona and his team visited a local elementary school to discuss the importance of caring for your smile, and to offer free OralB/Crest kits.

Meet Dr. Carmona

At Austin Prosthodontics, Dr. Carmona and his team provide an array of treatments to the city of Austin and surrounding communities. While they focus mainly on replacing lost teeth with lifelike dental implants, bridges, or dentures, they can also provide quality restorations, including crowns and fillings. Dr. Carmona’s goal, together with his friendly office staff, talented hygienist, and dedicated dental assistants, is to help patients achieve healthier smiles in a relaxing, comfortable environment.

Outreach to Forest North Elementary

Recently, Dr. Carmona and his staff visited Forest North Elementary School. They spoke to the kindergarten and first grade classes, discussing the importance of dental sealants and their role in cavity prevention. They also handed out over 130 Oral B/Crest kits, which contained toothbrushes, toothpaste, and more, to help kids take care of their smiles.

What’s Happening at Your Office?

What’s happening at your office? If you have exciting news or have reached out to your community in any way, let us know! We would be happy to feature your latest news in our blog. You should also consider blogging about these events and sharing them on social media!

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