Client Feature Friday: Dr. Huffstutler’s New Site

Welcome again to our absolute favorite blogging day! Client Feature Friday is exciting because we can share the results of our hard work. Our graphic designers, copywriters, and talented tech team come together to create a custom site for our clients. Today, we’re taking a look at the site we created for Dr. Huffstutler’s practice.

Meet Dr. Huffstutler

With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Huffstutler is prepared to offer patients comprehensive dental care, from preventive TMJ treatments to lifelike restorations. He believes in employing the latest technology to offer treatment for patients of all ages. We’re excited that we had the chance to build him a website that reflects his approach to dentistry.

Ready to Add a New Site?

When do you need a new site? Well, if you have an outdated design, which means your current website is older than five years, you desperately need something new. After all, designs and styles change very quickly. Remember when having background music and assorted gifs was cutting edge? Now, people prefer a clean, flat design with simple navigation. Mobile has changed everything about design and what we expect from a site. Therefore, if your current practice site is older than three to five years, you may need to update.

We can Help!

We have experience helping practices update their current website, or building a whole new one (or adding a microsite or two). Our team will work with you to ensure what we create reflects you and your office. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

Do you have questions about creating a site or updating your current one? We can help! Send MDPM an email at: [email protected], or give us a call at 972-781-8861. Talk to MDPM Consulting today!