Client Feature Friday: Dr. Stewart’s Implant Microsite

jamesstewartddsdentalimplantsWelcome to Client Feature Friday! On Fridays, we feature one of our client’s new or redesigned websites. Today, we’re actually featuring a client’s brand new microsite. Dr. James Stewart recently approached our team about a microsite for his dental implant services. We were happy to create a brand new microsite that contains unique information, yet fits with the esthetics of his main site and his sleep apnea microsite.

Meet Dr. Stewart

Dr. James Stewart provides a very wide range of services for his patients. From general care to snoring and sleep apnea treatment, he can address a number of problems patients of all ages experience, including kids, adults, and seniors. In addition, he can also help replace missing teeth with dental implants. The design of his website and microsites are meant to convey the gentle and personalized approach to dental care he offers each patient.

Ready to Try a Microsite?

A microsite is an excellent approach to improving search engine optimization, or SEO. Microsites often lead traffic to the main site, creating new content for Google to crawl and index, but more importantly, showcasing your expertise to patients looking for specific services. If you have any questions or would like to discuss adding a microsite to your main website, please contact our team today.

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