Client Feature: National Children’s Dental Health Month

It’s February, which is an important month in the dental industry. This is National Children’s Dental Health Month, and it’s also Give Kids a Smile month! Now is the time to help promote and sponsor children’s dental health in your community. When kids build positive habits at a young age, they’re more likely to maintain them throughout life. That’s why this Friday, we want to give a shout out to a few of our clients who are hosting special events. We’re thrilled that we get to work with Dr. Tuong and Dr. Lawson. Keep up the good work in your respective communities!

Give Kids a Smile Helps Those in the Community Who Need It Most

National Children’s Dental Health Month helps promote awareness of children’s dental health issues. Awareness is a huge component of making sure that parents give their children the dental care they need. Emphasizing the importance of regular checkups and cleanings increases the likelihood that parents and children alike follow up with these procedures. The other component to care takes shape with the Give Kids a Smile event. This national event, hosted by the ADA, extends basic care services to those who may not otherwise be able to afford them. We’re honored to work with clients who participate in this event.

Dr. Truong and Her Team Are Working with Kids in the Dallas and Richardson Areas

One of our longtime clients, Dr. Truong and the Viva Dental team, are participating in the Give Kids a Smile event at their practice in Richardson, TX. During this event, the Viva team will offer free dental exams and educational sessions, free dental x-rays, free dental sealants, and free dental cleanings and fluoride treatments to kids in the area. For many families without dental insurance, this is the only opportunity they have to secure the care their children need. By including education as part of the program, Dr. Truong hopes to inspire strong habits at home.

Dr. Lawson Is Reaching Children in the Urbandale Area

Another one of our outstanding clients, Dr. Lawson and the Lawson Family Dentistry team, are reaching out to children in the Urbandale area as part of National Children’s Dental Health Month. They have even put together a YouTube video to help promote the event. By extending these services as part of Give Kids a Smile, Dr. Lawson hopes to promote strong oral health for the the most vulnerable members of the community.

Share Your National Children’s Dental Health Event with MDPM Consulting

If your practice is hosting an event for NCDHM or as part of Give Kids a Smile, we want to know about it! We’d love to share your event with our social network. If you’d like to build your practice’s online presence to help with the promotion of these types of events, we can help. Talk to the team at MDPM Consulting in Dallas, TX by calling 972-781-8861.