Client Feature: Socially Active Dentists

Once again we’ve made it to Friday, which is one of our favorite days! Partially because the weekend is nearly here, but mostly because we get to shout out one of our amazing clients! This week, we’re putting a twist on our usual client feature. Instead of focusing on one practice, we want to give a nod to a number of clients who are all staying active in their communities. Developing a reputation offline within your community is incredibly valuable to your practice. You also want to let your patients know about your activity online to further develop your reputation.

Dr. Saxonburg Is Partnering with Operation Warm Heart

If you’re looking for ways to become an active member of your local community, the seasons present opportunities to help. Dr. Saxonburg’s practice is teaming up with Operation Warm Heart to collect winter clothing for local area residents. You already have a collection center at your office, so organizing a drive of some kind is pretty simple.

Dr. Lawson Works with the Iowa Mission of Mercy

If you’re not organizing a drive for food or clothing, you can also give back with your own time and knowledge. That’s exactly what Dr. Lawson did when she volunteered with the Iowa Mission of Mercy. This huge event is a two-day dental clinic that provides complimentary care to residents in the community who face barriers to receiving the dental care they need.

CIDKC Is Working with Operation Gratitude on a Candy Giveback

Another common program that many dental offices adopt is a “candy giveback,” where people can donate leftover candy during October and November. The candy then is donated to a cause. In the case of the Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry of Kansas City, the drive goes to benefit our heroes, thanks to a partnership with Operation Gratitude.

When You Are Active In Your Community, Share that Information Online

While you decide to work with a socially positive cause because you want to provide help, it’s also a good idea to share what you’re doing online. Sharing these community events on your social media channels and website bolsters your online reputation, but it also spreads awareness. Getting more people involved with your cause helps you all accomplish more!

Let MDPM Consulting Help You Share Your Story on Social Media

If you’re doing great work in the community, MDPM Consulting wants to hear about it! If you’re a current client, keep us updated so we can share your story with your community. If you’re looking for help building your online reputation and engaging a community of clients, contact MDPM Consulting in Dallas, TX at 972-781-8861.