Client Feature: Viva Dental Participates In Back To School Fair

Yesterday, we posted a blog about the importance of community blogging. We also touched briefly on the why being involved with your community can be so important. Recently, Dr. Diep Truong of Viva Dental Family Dentistry did just that, participating along with her team in the 7th Annual Back to School Fair.

 Meet Dr. Truong

Dr. Truong and her team provide a full array of dental treatments for the entire family, from pediatric care to preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dental care. She offers care for patients in Dallas, Richardson, and surrounding communities. As part of her approach to dentistry, Dr. Truong offers advanced technology, amenities to make patients (especially their younger ones) feel comfortable and relaxed, and a team dedicated to ensuring the entire process, from checking in to filing paperwork, is simple and easy.

7th Annual Back to School Fair

The 7th Annual Back to School Fair was held on August 5th at the MD Kids Shopping Center at Wynnewood Village in Dallas. Business, practices, and other organizations were on hand to provide free backpacks and other school supplies to children in need. The North Texas Food Bank was also there to provide free produce. Dr. Truong and her team were proud to take part, handing out backpacks and other freebies to promote healthy smiles.

The Importance of Community Involvement

Showing your community that you truly care about making it better and becoming part is very important. Dr. Truong and her team did that by taking part. Not only that, but Viva Dental Family Dentistry also takes part in the annual Give Kids A Smile event every February, providing free dental care to children in need. Taking part goes a long way toward helping your city or town, as well as providing people a chance to meet you and hopefully, see you for their dental care needs.

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