Dental Blog + Newsletters = Best of Both Worlds

The worlds I speak of are Attracting New Patients and Patient Retention.

To get a search engine optimized, customized website with a blog, along with monthly blog posts, plus a custom, quarterly e-newsletter (not a stock newsletter) distributed and with tracking reports, you’ll pay a fortune. You probably can’t find all of these services at one company, so you may have to hire a consultant. There goes more of your marketing budget. You’ll need a copywriter, as well as an email list management system — have to be sure you follow the laws about opt-outs and everything. But then, what about Facebook? You probably need that, too. Are you going to have to hire a marketing coordinator for the practice? That could cost tens of thousands, outside of the cost of the actual advertising costs.

None of this is true.

For $999, Plus $199 a Month, MDPM will:

  • create your blog
  • include a mobile version for smart phones
  • write and post your blogs
  • moderate comments
  • add your blogs to social networking sites
  • market your blogs with SEO
  • keep reports on your blog’s traffic

For $299 per Issue, MDPM will:

  • write and build your e-newsletter
  • include one-click social networking buttons
  • distribute your e-newsletter
  • manage your email list
  • follow all laws pertaining to email marketing
  • create and manage surveys for your e-newsletter
  • keep reports on your e-newsletter’s results

In addition, MDPM offers:

  • graphic design
  • direct mail & printing
  • copywrting & ghost writing
  • press releases & local PR
  • dental marketing consulting
  • special marketing projects

So you don’t need to hire a marketing coordinator. You’ll save tens of thousands of dollars and you won’t have to manage another employee. All you need to do is email us or call Jill at 972-781-8861.