Dental Blogging with a Purpose

Often, I’m asked why a dentist should have a blog. After all, isn’t a blog just an online journal?

The word “blog” is a shortened form of the two words “web log,” and in the beginning, blogs were simply online journals. Today, however, blogs carry a lot of weight in online marketing. In fact, Google Expert Matt Cutts says, there’s no excuse for a business not to have a blog these days.

As a dental marketing consultant, I agree. Our staff of copywriters is trained in search engine optimization (SEO), clinical dentistry, and marketing, in addition to composition. We write hundreds of blogs each month, and our client dentists have reaped the rewards.

Consider these benefits, if your dental practice hasn’t yet joined the world of blogging.

1)      Blogs boost website traffic

2)      Blogs boost website rankings

3)      Blogs create an archive of articles, attributed to the dentist

4)      Blogs help a dentist rank higher, faster, for targeted keyword phrases

5)      Blogs can promote special events, new technology, or new services

6)      Blogs can be auto-posted to social networks, to keep a dentist’s Facebook and Twitter pages active

7)      Blogs can include videos, images, and downloadable files

8)      Blogs can be posted on third-party sites for incoming link benefits to your website

9)      Blogs can foster communication with patients between visits, particularly when used as e-blasts

10)   Blogs are great PR, because they allow a dentist to present his practice philosophy and personality to potential patients

In short, blogging cannot harm you. All it can do is help you with branding (how your practice is perceived by the public) and search engine optimization. If you have questions about blogging for your dental practice, or you’d like to add a blog to your website, call MDPM Consulting today at 972-781-8861.