Dental Marketing News: Domain Name Scams

Hey, Dentist, Don’t Pay That Bill!

Every year around the holidays, MDPM client dentists start asking questions about domain name bills that come in the mail. We receive emails, faxes, and text photos of paper bills, along with the questions – Is this legitimate? Should I pay it?

If you read this blog regularly, you know that I abhor companies that take advantage of dentists and small business owners. I want you to know the facts!

If you are an MDPM client, and we purchased or transferred your domain, unless you receive an email from GoDaddy, the domain name bill is probably a scam. As an MDPM client, your domain is registered with GoDaddy and hosted in our account. The exception is if you chose to hold registration elsewhere, like through your own GoDaddy account or Network Solutions, in which case your domain renewal is your responsibility.

We manage our domain names closely and, as a courtesy, renew them every year. If you’d like to renew your domain name for longer, we will secure the time period you request, then pass the cost through on your monthly billing. Also, remember, we keep your domain name in our hosting so that we can manage it. However, the domain name is yours, not ours. We will happily transfer it to you upon request. Our goal is not to hold domains hostage, but to make life easier for you!

You should not pay any company for your domain if it is in the MDPM hosting account. We will take care of renewals for you.

Send Us Your Questions

MDPM is not just your website company. We are your marketing consulting company. If you receive suspicious bills in the mail, have questions about your SEO, or want an explanation of your blog’s strategy, just let us know. You can call, text, or email us any time. We are here to serve you!

If you are not an MDPM client, but you have questions about a domain bill, call your website host for answers.

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