Dental Office Branding: What is it?

branding boxWhat if every McDonalds’ golden arches sign were different colors? Imagine passing a McDonalds and seeing a sign that featured a green fry box, purple fries, and orange lettering. Would you recognize the restaurant as a McDonald’s? Probably not.

What if Nike had a different tagline for each style of shoe the company created? Would you remember “Just Do It?” Nope.

What would happen if Facebook had five completely different icons; would you relate a purple “f” in a box to Facebook? Perhaps, but you’d certainly wonder why the change.

Now, what do you think of when you hear the name Wal-Mart? Probably value pricing on commodities.

What do you think of when you hear the name Otis Spunkmeyer? Surely cookies, muffins, and perhaps the company’s red logo come to mind.

On a smaller scale, think about the locally-owned restaurant you like to frequent. When you consider this business, what adjectives come to mind? Do you think the business purposefully makes patrons feel the way you do?

These are all examples of branding’s influence on consumers.

A brand encompasses everything that contributes to the image that consumers have about a company: logo, tagline, company colors, ambiance/setting, customer service, quality product/service, website, signage, radio or TV ads, print ads, and even the uniforms the employees wear.

Your dental practice needs a brand, too.

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