Dental Office Tips: Phone Yoga for Excellent Customer Service

The first impression your dental practice may have on a potential patient often happens on the phone. How your office phone is answered can make or break practice growth.

During a busy day at your dental office, the person who answers the phone can encounter significant stress, particularly if her duties extend to face-to-face customer service and dealing with insurance companies. Whether she’s having a great day or a horrible, no-good, very bad day, she can answer the phone correctly.

Regardless of the amount of stress she’s under, MDPM Phone Yoga will help her perform her job well.

What’s Phone Yoga? It’s a simple little exercise that everyone should perform before answering a phone—even at home.

Breathe. Smile. Pick up.

Notice we aren’t even addressing what to say once the phone is answered. That’s a completely different issue. Phone Yoga sets a person’s mind, attitude, and focus on the task at hand—answering the phone with the sole purpose of making a great impression on the caller.

Breathe. Smile. Pick up.

At Modern Dental Practice Marketing, we offer dental team training tips like Phone Yoga to help your staff be the very best it can be. We don’t negate the stress your employees endure, but we focus on the importance of every single team member making a good impression at every single opportunity. In the dental office, customer service is top priority. Your patients can go elsewhere. It’s up to you and your team to retain patients—from that first phone call.

Breathe. Smile. Pick up.

It’s that simple.

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