How Blog Topics Affect SEO

dental marketing strategyAt MDPM Consulting, the topics we select for our dentists’ blogs are not random. On the contrary, we select blog topics to please two audiences: patients and Google. The topics are also chosen for their relevance to the dental practice’s services, time of year/holidays, and SEO strategy.

Every Single Blog is Custom Written

First and foremost, our clients receive completely custom-written blogs, composed by trained dental copywriters who understand both SEO and clinical dentistry. Google tells us that any – A N Y – duplicate content on a website will negatively impact that site’s potential SEO rankings. So, we take the time to hire, train, and continually update competent copywriters.

Your Blog Calendar is Selected in Advance

The topics on your blogsite are selected to serve multiple purposes. Jill references health awareness calendars, dental industry news, current events, and a dentist’s SEO standings when creating an editorial calendar. The topics should appeal to both search engines and your prospective and existing patients. Your blog writer refers to the calendar to find topics and related keywords. Each post is the uniquely written according to best practices for SEO copywriting.

If you want to suggest topics for your editorial calendar or inform us of news and innovations in your practice, just email or call. We’re happy when clients actively participate in their online marketing.

SEO Results are Influenced by Blogs

We know that blogs are indexed like news, so Google and other search engines’ robots give blogs priority over web pages. Blogs should also be written with SEO best practices, including metadata, linking, keyword integration, and original content. Sometimes, blogs are read by humans. All the time, blogs are read by search engine robots, so they have a bearing on your overall SEO results. The more you blog, the better opportunity you’ll have to rank high and wide on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other engines.

To learn more about your blog, or to discuss adding a blog to your marketing strategy, call MDPM Consulting today at 972-781-8861.