Dentist Bios: Professional vs. Personal

Dentists often ask me if adding team bios to a website is important. The best answer is, if you don’t have high turnaround and you’re willing to allow a little personality into your bio pages, it’s absolutely a good idea.

Why You Need Dental Website Bios

The “about” page of a dentist’s website is the second most visited page, next to the homepage. All too often, bio pages look the same across the board. To stand out from other dentists, you have to be willing to inject personality into your site.

Have you noticed how, in the past decade, news anchors are more personal during their shows? They might tell a joke or say how sad a story is…and while in the past, these gestures would have been considered biased and “bad reporting,” today, they are accepted. The anchors still dress professionally, and they report the news accurately (in most cases). However, the audience feels more in tune with them as people. This builds loyalty!

I urge you to apply the same philosophy to marketing your dental practice. The only page on a website that should be written in first person is the “about” page.

A Sample Bio to Help

Today, I updated my bio on the MDPM blog. I wanted to make sure that YOU know who’s working to make your online marketing strategy work. Here’s an excerpt:

The best part of my job, though, is interviewing dentists and talking shop with my clients. I love to hear different philosophies and schools of thought regarding clinical care, and contemporary technology for diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment can keep me chatting for aeons. In short, I am a nerd at heart. I find that this is a common thread between my clients and me. Read more here.