Dentist’s Marketing Tips for November: Planning Blog Topics

Your Dental Blog Calendar for 2012

Have you planned your office holiday party? It’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, then on to making resolutions. You won’t have much time to actively market your dental practice over the next few months, but you will spend time waiting in lines, wrapping gifts, and basting turkeys. While you’re doing these mindless tasks, I’d like you to consider what dentistry topics matter most to you.

  • What do your patients need to know?
  • Are you finishing a fellowship next year?
  • Taking CEs on implant dentistry?
  • Adding Six Month Smiles to your services?
  • Send us an email and tell us what’s on your mind.
We plan your blog’s editorial calendar at least one week in advance, but we can schedule as far ahead as you like. Here’s an example: if you know your office will be closed the week of spring break, we can make a note to blog about the break the week before. The spring break themed blog can center on eating healthy while on vacation, getting plenty of sun for vitamin D (and how it helps deter gum disease), or packing a travel kit for dental emergencies. Telling us your plans in advance will give us time to get creative and provide the best blog content.
We ghost write your dental blogs, which means we write them as if they come from you or one of your office staff members. Keeping us informed about what’s going on in your office will add a personal quality to your blog that patients and potential patients will appreciate.
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