Do dentists need social media?

facebook insightsIn order of importance to dental marketing, and based on the assumption that a social networking plan is going to be executed and maintained, I recommend profiles on the following social sites:

  • Facebook (a business page)
  • Google+ (because Google owns it – not because people are using it)
  • LinkedIn (for professional and local connections; good for referrals)
  • Twitter (requires a lot of upkeep for success)
  • YouTube (if you optimize your original dental-related videos)
  • Pinterest & Instagram (not really necessary unless you just love social media)

Only progress down the list if you can maintain a minimum of 2 weekly posts – even if those posts are a feed from your blog. Also, do NOT expect to acquire new patients from your efforts. While there are some measurable aspects of traffic on social sites, I’ve yet to hear of a dentist getting a new patient directly from Facebook.

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