Do E-Books & Free Reports Work for Dental Marketing?

It’s a really good question. Through the years, I’ve seen some that work and some that fail miserably. The most common problem I see is that the dentistry e-book or report isn’t meaty – the information is weak, tired, and boring. Even worse, some e-books feature text in a big font with double spacing, so there’s really nothing to it. The book is a waste of time for the writer and the reader.

Now, that’s not to say e-books and reports don’t work. They can work if they’re done right. The title has to be enticing and access must be super-duper simple. The subject has to be something people are interested in – enough so that they download and read the information.

Beyond that, the e-book or report must be well written, concise, practical, and meaty. No typos! Include photos and diagrams! Don’t overuse exclamation points!!! The first sentence, paragraph, and page cannot be boring or cumbersome to read.

Your dental e-book or report must make you the expert through knowledge, facts, and good advice – not just because you said so.

Also, consider, what’s the point? What is your dental e-book or free report supposed to get people to do? Call your office? Visit your website? Is it purely informational (for the betterment of mankind), and you don’t want a direct response from the reader?

The very best e-books I’ve read run about 10 pages. They have facts, information, and executable tips. They include good, quality photos and diagrams – and they may even have enough humor to make me grin.

So, the answer is yes. E-books and free reports work for dental marketing…if they’re done right. Ask me how to do them right ;-].