Do Not Pay for a Google Places Listing

They’re free folks! I would be happy to establish or update your Google Places listing if you’re an MDPM client. If you aren’t a client, just know that your web or marketing company should set up your Google Places listing at no cost to you. Heck, it wouldn’t take you 20 minutes to set it up yourself.

Google Places is becoming more important than ever. Recently, the monster search engine changed the layout of search engine results pages (SERPs) so that businesses with Google Places listings are more visible. Click here to read the press release on Google Places.

One key point: Regardless of who sets up your listing, make sure it is filled out completely. You will need access to:

Some people think, If it’s free, it’s useless. Or, You get what you pay for. In some cases, these sentiments are right on the money… but not with Google Places. If you’re already ranking high on search engines, you might pay for a Google Tag at $25 per month, but if your rankings aren’t at the top, there’s really no point. To rank higher, get a blog and post multiple times per week. Once your ranking improves and you’re on page one for targeted keywords, then consider purchasing the Google Tag service.

I cannot emphasize too heartily that you need to claim and complete  your Google Places listing. If you need help, call Modern Dental Marketing at 972-781-8861 and ask Jill for assistance.