Do You Need A Google Account To Leave Local Reviews?

mdpmreviewsToday we’re addressing a very common question we receive from our clients: Don’t patients need a Google+ account to leave reviews? Well, we have a firm and final answer from Google: No. Recently the web search giant changed the interface and also dropped the Google+ requirement. What does this mean for you?

Leaving Reviews

Until recently, leaving local reviews–a key component of any online marketing strategy–required the patient in question to operate a G+ account. However, because fewer people have those accounts than a Facebook or Twitter account, Google has stopped requiring the G+ account, making it much easier for patients to leave reviews, which is good for your practice.

Why Reviews are Essential

When you are in need of a service, whether a dentist, restaurant or auto mechanic, you search online. If a company has overwhelmingly negative feedback, why would you rely on their services? Negative or nonexistent reviews can be harmful to your practice, making it difficult to draw in new patients. Encourage your patients to leave positive reviews; these can definitely help increase the chances of new faces coming through your door.

Have a Cup of Coffee!

To help motivate patients to leave feedback, consider adopting our “Have a Cup of Coffee on Us” campaign. Simply attach the sign below to your front desk.

google+ review starbucks

Offer a $5 Starbucks gift card in exchange for a review. People prefer instant gratification and offering a free cup of coffee can help increase the likelihood of them leaving feedback about their experience in your office. If you have any questions about this or local reviews, then please contact our team today.

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