Do You Need Help With Your Logo?

mdpm_logosOf all the design aspects involved with branding your practice, the logo can be the most confusing and frustrating. After all, a good one can instantly reflect the atmosphere and often the services that you provide. A poor one can be forgettable at best and at worst, off-putting. Do you need help with your logo? If so, remember that MDPM Consulting can help!

What Makes a Good Logo?

Simplicity. The image should be so simple a child could draw it. In addition, the image should be easy to see in black and white. Ideally, the image should instantly evoke the kinds of feelings and emotions you associate with your business philosophy. For example, circular shapes can evoke positive feelings, such as friendship, while squares and triangles can suggest balance and strength. Vertical lines have been used to suggest strength and aggression. Even color can impact the image’s message, with cooler colors (greens and blues) suggesting calmness, while brighter colors (yellow, orange, red) can offer excitement.

What Should I Avoid?

Don’t throw everything and the kitchen sink into it. Many people create what they assume is a stunning logo by shoving various pieces of clip art together, or “borrowing” heavily from an established company’s logo. Your image should be simple and original.

Let Us Help!

We know how daunting it can be to create an image that best represents your practice, and that will make you proud each time you see it. Fortunately, we employ very talented graphic designers that can help create one reflecting you and your practice. Remember, MDPM Consulting is here to help!

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