Does Being In The Top Spot Matter Anymore?

mdpm seoSEO has one goal right? You work on search engine optimization in order to ensure your website reaches the coveted #1 spot on a search engine results page. For years now, that has been every company’s goal, from dental practices to real estate offices. However, that may soon change. Does being in the top spot matter now that we have Google’s featured snippet?

Everything Changes With Direct Answers

The featured snippet is also known as a “direct answer.” Sometimes when you Google a question, a paragraph shows up at the top of the search results page, often with a direct answer to your query. Sometimes, these are pulled from the top search result, but not always. In fact, the second, third, or even fourth spot may be chosen as a direct answer.

Google looks through websites it has crawled and indexed for copy or videos that specifically address the query. How do you optimize your website to provide these answers?

Instead of going after the top spot, focus on providing users with quality content. A few tips include:

  • Long tail keywords (especially those in the form of questions often posed by clients or consumers)
  • Original content
  • Consider a FAQs page
  • An active social media presence with shared content that addresses common questions or concerns

Instead of trying to be number one, try to focus on what concerns, or confuses, your clients/patients/customers. Doing so makes it more likely that you’ll be chosen as a direct answer; and that more people will visit your website for more information.

Do You Have SEO Questions?

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