Don’t Be Marked “Not Secure!”

Did you know that starting in July and coinciding with the release of Chrome 68, Google Chrome will begin marking websites that aren’t HTTPS as “not secure?” If you’re a client of ours, then the update has been made and this roll-out will have no negative impact on your website. However, if you haven’t upgraded from HTTP, then this could impact your online marketing plan!

Embrace HTTPS

We made the switch for our clients a long time ago. Which means when people see the URL on Google Chrome, they see a lock symbol, along with the word “secure.” Embracing this change not only helps with security, as we will discuss further, but also provides SEO benefits. Google announced a while ago that priority is being placed on websites that have made the switch to HTTPS. Since Google is concerned with user experience, it makes sense that they would award websites that offer their users greater security over those that remain outdated.

The Benefits of Security

When you use HTTPS, that means any information a user provides you with through the website is encrypted. Even if someone manages to steal personal data, the information can’t be decrypted without a key, a key that only you and your website company have. Website users are then protected against middleman attacks that are often used to trick people and steal information. You can help keep that information safe and in the right hands!

We can Help!

Are you still using HTTP? Then give MDPM Consulting a call. We can discuss improving your website, from updated designs and original copy to mobile friendliness. If you like your design, we can move your website and leave the design as-is, providing help with SEO, security, management, and website maintenance. If you have any questions about website transfers, updating your website’s security, or anything else about SEO or dental marketing, then please give our team a call! MDPM Consulting is ready to help!

Do you have questions about improving website security? Then contact us for more information today! Send an email to MDPM Consulting at [email protected], or give us a call at 972-781-8861!