Dr. Evans and the People of Peru Project

Dr. Evans and People of Peru ProjectRecently, Dr. Evans of Wager Evans Dental in Reno, Nevada, joined the People of Peru Project on a mission to Iquitos, Peru. While there, he combined his dental expertise, education, and hard work to help improve the lives of the Peruvian people.

Besides helping out a local dental clinic, Dr. Evans also provided instructions on proper oral health care, and contributed toothpaste and toothbrushes for more than 100 children and their families in the area.

A boat ride and hike through the Amazon were required to deliver these vital resources to the people in the village, and since oral health greatly impacts overall health, it was definitely a trip worth making!

As a long-time friend and client of ours, we are proud to highlight Dr. Evans’ work outside of the dental office. In fact, we encourage all of our clients to document their travels and activities so the public has a better understanding of their values and community involvement!

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