Facebook Birthday Wishes and Marketing Your Dental Practice

Facebook, ah the mysterious Facebook. It’s pretty cut and dry for personal use, but when it comes to using Facebook for business, some folks stumble…then give up.

I have a whole bag of tricks for marketing on Facebook, and I’ll throw you a freebie. This one works on personal pages, not fan pages…so it’s relevant if you have a professional/personal page with friends who are your patients.

All people LOVE to be recognized on their birthday. On your Facebook wall page, in the right column, you’ll see that all of your friends whose birthday is today are listed. Simply click on the names, and you’ll be redirected to the friends’ walls. There, you can wish them happiness on their special day and give them a one-day gift offer…

Happy Birthday! Call my office today at 888-888-8888 to claim your gift, a free teeth whitening pen. It’s my way of saying, thank you for being a friend!

Hope you’re having a fantastic birthday, because you deserve it. To celebrate, if you call my office today at 888-888-8888, we will mark your account with a $25 gift certificate toward any service. Have a great one!

Birthday wishes are wonderful, but gifts are better! Call my office today at 888-888-8888 to claim the birthday present I’ve set aside just for you. Say you received a birthday message from me on Facebook. Make some memories today!

Give it a try. And if you want more great Facebook ideas, or you need someone who knows the ropes to manage your Facebook page for you, call us at Modern Dental Practice Marketing. We’re in the business to make dentists smile!