Facebook Business Page Categories

I’ve been asked by a few clients to change the Facebook category for their business Facebook page. Problem is, we can’t insert a category, and the list of options doesn’t have much to offer for private medical/dental practices. The closest descriptions, as you’ll see below, are health/medical/pharmacy and hospital/clinic.facebook

Facebook Business Page Categories

  • Airport
  • Arts/Entertainment/Nightlife
  • Attractions/Things to Do
  • Automotive
  • Book Store
  • Business Services
  • Church/Religious Organization
  • Club
  • Community/Government
  • Concert Venue
  • Education
  • Event Planning/Event Services
  • Food/Grocery
  • Health/Medical/Pharmacy
  • Home Improvement
  • Hospital/Clinic
  • Hotel
  • Landmark
  • Library
  • Local Business
  • Movie Theater
  • Museum/Art Gallery
  • Outdoor Gear/Sporting Goods
  • Pet Services
  • Professional Services
  • Public Places
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurant/Café
  • School
  • Shopping/Retail
  • Spas/Beauty/Personal Care
  • Sports Venue
  • Sports/Recreation/Activities
  • Tours/Sightseeing
  • Transportation
  • University

Completing Your Facebook Profile

In addition to choosing a category, you’ll need to name your page. I suggest the doctor’s name, dash, city for individually owned practices. For group practices, use the practice name, dash, city. Complete the phone, address, and about section. Include a short blurb about what sets your practice apart. What would make someone choose YOU as his/her dentist? That’s what goes in the about section. As for the hours, include them if it benefits you – like if you have weekend or evening hours. If your office is only open 3-4 days a week, closes by 5pm, and you don’t take after-hours appointments, just leave the hours blank. You don’t want them to be a stumbling block for potential patients.

Click Here for the Facebook Business Page Setup Guide

Photos for Banner and Thumbnail

I recommend including your phone number and address in the main banner image. Consider your photo or logo for the thumbnail. Keep in mind, the thumbnail will show up (very small) next to your posts.

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