FAQs About Google’s Menagerie

google-penguin-panda-hummingbirdWhen someone performs an online search, Google employs a number of different algorithms that affect website ranking. You may have heard of them, or even read about them in our blog. Recently, Google unveiled the latest Penguin update. Do you have questions about Google’s menagerie? What’s the difference between Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird?

Frequently Asked Questions About Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird

Question: Does Panda address content?

Answer: Yes. The goal of Panda is to ensure that users find websites that answer their queries and contain quality content. Some factors that can hurt a website include repetitive or duplicate copy, plagiarism, or spammy content. Spammy content usually refers to long, meandering blocks of text often written to meet a specified (but often unnecessary) word count, or to cram keywords.

Question: What does Hummingbird impact?

Answer: In 2013, we were introduced to Hummingbird which changed how we approached keywords. Now, Google focuses on long-tail keywords that are tailored to represent the way a person might search for a service or product when using a smartphone or tablet. However, you should only use your long-tail keywords three to five times per page to avoid the risk of keyword stuffing.

Question: How does Penguin help users?

Answer: Penguin addresses links. If your web and blog copy contain organic links to pages on your website, or links to other reputable, high-quality websites, then your fine. Penguin’s main goal is to remove websites that engage in spammy link building from higher ranking positions.

Question: How do I ensure these animals don’t have a negative impact on my rankings?

Answer: Once again, as long as you continue to provide original content, organic links to reputable sites, and relevant long-tail keyword placement, then you have nothing to fear from Google’s menagerie.

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