FAQs About Selecting Domain Names

mdpmdomainnameWhat’s in a name? Just as important as naming your practice is choosing your domain name. After all, websites have replaced phone books as the main way of finding a company or practice’s contact information. You want to choose a unique, but memorable name. There are a number of factors to take into consideration when selecting a domain name.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selecting Domain Names

Question: Should I use keywords as a domain name?

Answer: Think about this, if you’re a dentist specializing in dental implants, the phrase “dental implants” is the keyword. So, many assume “Dallas dental implants” would be a domain name that could improve SEO. However, Google is focused on content and user experience, not keywords. Not to mention, that’s a domain name no one will remember, and one that could become lost in a crowd. Rather than use keywords, choose a unique name that reflects your business.

Question: Can a name be too complicated?

Answer: Yes. Keep it simple! By including hyphens, long names, or oddly spelled words, you make your address difficult to remember. Don’t frustrate people trying to find your services. Keep your practice’s domain name simple and to the point.

Question: Does it matter what kind of domain extension I choose?

Answer: Should you choose a .net or a .biz? What about .us? The best option is the most common: .com. Other options, such as the aforementioned .net or .biz, are often used by spammers. A .com extension sounds legitimate.

Question: Should I use my brand name?

Answer: When possible, yes! If you have an original brand name for your practice then use this as your domain. This makes remembering your business easier, and helps you stand out in a Google search of your types of services in your area.

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