FAQs: How Should I Incorporate Social Media?

Social media has become essential for businesses, even dental practices! But how should a dentist incorporate social media? How does one implement a strategy that helps a practice grow and attract new patients? In today’s blog, we’re addressing questions about social networking for dental practices!

Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media

Question: How does social media impact SEO?

Answer: One of the factors Google’s algorithms look for when ranking websites is an active social media presence. Companies that regularly interact with their clients tend to offer a better experience for users, which is Google’s goal. When the search giant sees people sharing and commenting on your content, this can have a positive impact on your rankings.

Question: How do they benefit dentists?

Answer: Social media is a great way to stay connected with your patients. You share content that they may be interested in, which keeps you in their mind (and may remind them to schedule a visit). In addition, when your patients like, share, or comment on new content, they introduce you to the people in their friend group or that follow them.

Question: How does the social media kit work?

Answer: We have a fun and simple kit to help our clients with their social media. We know that finding time to post content a few times a week can be too much for an already-busy dentist and office staff. So, our kit, which arrives every month, contains three posts per week, as well as infographics and more. You can schedule them all at once, post daily, or let our team handle it for you. If you have a monthly SEO package, the kit is free. Otherwise, the kit is just $99. If you have any questions about the social media kit, or how social networks can help your practice, then contact our office today.

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