Flash No More!

mdpm flashDo you use Adobe Flash on your website? Well, you shouldn’t. First off, doing so can cause websites to load slower. In fact, a person may simply give up on your site if it takes forever (even if “forever” is only a few seconds) to load. Using Flash is bad for SEO, bad for your website, and with Chrome’s latest move, we’re seeing the end of these programs as more sites move to HTML5.

Chrome Putting the Final Nail in Flash’s Coffin

Starting in September, Chrome 53 will block Flash applications used behind the scenes, such as in page analytics. You can expect other browsers to follow, eventually killing Flash off once and for all. Before you mourn the end of this program, remember that HTML5 is significantly lighter and faster, speeding up load times for websites. You can also save battery life as sites load faster on your laptop or device.

Flash and SEO

The reason we say Flash is bad for SEO is because when Google crawls and indexes a website, the crawlers can easily read HTML, but can’t read Flash as easily. As a result, this can hurt your rankings. In addition, the slow loading aspect of the program means people will likely click away from your site, eliminating the chance of learning about and seeking your services.

How to Turn Off Flash

If you’re ready to turn Flash off and move on, then we have a few options for you:

Google Chrome: Type “chrome://plugins” in the URL. Find the Adobe Flash Player plug-in and click disable.

Firefox: Type “about:addons” into the URL bar. Select the plug-ins icon on the left sidebar. Click on Shockwave Flash and select “Never Activate.”

Internet Explorer: Select the gear icon in the upper right menu and click “manage add-ons.” Find the Shockwave Flash Object and select it. Hit disable.

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