Going Local Is The Key To Voice

It’s funny how fast technology can change, without us even giving much notice. For example, ten years ago vice search was something of the future, with the few voice programs that existed in laptops and computers being, well, pretty terrible. Now, we have Cortana, Alexa, Echo, and Siri. Now, we ask for movie times or to call someone, and a cheery voice does just that. As dentists, should you be worried about your site being ready for voice? Will focusing on local SEO be the key to success for voice searches?

Voice and SEO

We search differently on a voice program. Most of the time, we phrase our queries as a question. “Where can I find a Mexican restaurant?” is an example. As these programs continue to grow more sophisticated, more people will be using them. As a result, you should keep this in mind as you implement your online marketing strategy. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to completely change what you’re doing now.

Long Tail Keywords and Local SEO

How do we prepare websites for the growing influence of voice search? First, we use long tail keywords. These are typically phrased as questions, incorporating How, When, and What. We also focus on local, including city names and accurate NAP information. When people search in voice, they look for services near them, “What’s the closest Mexican restaurant?” or “Where do I find teeth whitening in Dallas?” By tailoring your marketing plan towards local SEO and incorporating long tail keywords, your site is prepared for both the rise of voice search and traditional Google queries.

We Can Help!

If you have questions or concerns about creating an online marketing strategy, then give us a call! We can work with you to create a personalized SEO strategy that reflects your practice and your treatment philosophy. Remember, MDPM Consulting is here to help.

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