Google+ Is Gone, But Google Reviews Are Here to Stay

You may have seen the headlines popping up over the last couple of weeks, but in case you missed it, Google+ has officially shut down. The social platform housed by the search giant Google was largely considered a failure, as very few users and developers adopted the platform. If you had been using a Google+ page for social networking, that outlet is now gone. However, the other web-presence-building aspects of Google are here to stay — namely, Google Reviews. If you want to build your web presence and credibility, focusing on a platform like Facebook, while still encouraging Google Reviews, is your best move.

Social Networking Builds Your Community, Which Builds Your Audience

Social media channels aren’t meant to be advertising platforms — at least, not in the conventional sense. The way that your dental practice can best benefit from social media use is by fostering an engaged community. When you provide your community with quality content that adds value to their lives, you develop an audience. You can then share with this audience information about booking appointments, options for teeth whitening, or whatever helpful service you’d like to encourage.

Although Google+ Is Gone, Google Reviews Are Still Valuable

Google+ was just a small aspect of how Google affects your dental practice’s visibility. While the social platform is gone, you can still build your credibility and visibility by encouraging patients to leave Google Reviews. These reviews (and surprisingly, even the negative ones) let potential patients know that you are a real practice with real patients. They also lend a personality and familiarity to your practice. There are plenty of easy ways to encourage your patients to leave you reviews, and it all helps you build your online presence.

Let MDPM Consulting Manage Your Web Presence

If you’re looking for help developing and managing a strong web presence, MDPM Consulting has the tools for you. Our social media, reputation management, custom content, and SEO solutions can help you foster a positive reputation online. To learn about how MDPM Consulting could be helping your practice, contact our Dallas, TX office at 972-781-8861.