Google Q&A for Dentists

Q: What’s up with my Google ranking?

It’s interesting that from Friday thru the weekend, if I typed my city + dentist or dentist, my name was coming up first (it never did before). Now it is back to the bottom of the page.  The Google Places listing order is pretty much unchanged. Are other people doing something to jockey their position on an ongoing basis?”

A: Google changed things again!

Good question. So good, in fact, that I’ve answered versions of it about 10 times in the past week. Here’s the deal… Google changed how it shows search results for each user. Your results will change all the time, as of about 30 days ago. The big change is, the results YOU see are not indicative of what your potential patients will see. Unique user data now factors in to search engine results pages. Every time you conduct a search, Google adds data to your unique user profile. This data is then used to determine what you see when you search for things.

The reason you’re seeing discrepancies in “where you come up” is because a) Google knows who you are (you are associated with your own listing), and b) your unique user data is dependent on everything you search for on Google.

The only true way to know how you’re doing on Google is to look at data from Google Analytics and your Google Places listing. We will add Google Analytics on your dental practice blog and your website. I’ll be happy to send you the data whenever you like.

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