Google Streamlines Their News

mdpm-google-newsAt MDPM Consulting, we think of our blog as the perfect place to keep our clients and readers updated on the latest changes from Google. Lately, there have been quite a few, from changes to search results pages to the roll out of Penguin 4.0. Recently, Google also made major changes to their company news, rolling 19 blogs into one. What does Google’s streamlined news mean for you?

19 Blogs in One

Up until now, if you wanted to read the latest news about different aspects of Google’s products and services, you would need to visit 19 different blogs. In an effort to simplify things for their users, Google has now rolled them all into a single blog called “The Keyword,” which you can read here. You can catch up on the very latest news and even search for specific topics and products in the menu. “The Keyword” also features videos, slideshows, and the latest tweets from Google.

How Does This Impact You?

The new site makes it easier for you to zero in on the news most relevant to your interests. In addition, if you’re researching the latest SEO news or changes to Google’s algorithms, no longer do you have to search over a dozen different blogs. In all, the changes add a great deal of convenience.

Do You Have Questions?

Remember, if you ever have questions about SEO, updates from Google, or anything else related to your marketing strategy or website, give us a call. We employ a full team of writers, builders, and even a tech guru or two. As we always like to say…we’re to help.

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