Google Updates Review URL

mdpmgoogleurlWe’ve discussed before how important reviews can be for spreading the word about your practice or company. When you encourage patients to leave reviews on Google+, you will want to send them the URL. However, Google recently changed the location of where the reviews are posted. What does this URL update mean for you?

The Importance of Online Reviews

When a person looks for your services in their area one of the first things they will check is the reviews. Do you have a lot of positive patients or clients? Do you have no reviews, or overwhelmingly negative ones? Negative feedback, or none at all, can leave some people hesitant to contact a dentist or other business. Instead, he/she may simply look for someone else in the area. Gathering reviews from patients or clients with positive experiences is an essential part of your online marketing strategy.

What Does Google’s Update Mean?

When Google+ and Google My Business separated in late 2015, Google changed where reviews are posted and adopted a longer URL for G+ reviews. What does this mean for you? Honestly, not a lot.

We’ve Got You Covered!

You can still hold onto your simple URL for leaving reviews. All this does is add a step on our end; we will redirect your current URL to Google’s more complicated one. Nothing changes on your end, just ours. As always, we are remaining up-to-date with all of Google’s changes, to ensure nothing interrupts your online marketing strategy or negatively affects your SEO gains. If you have any questions or concerns, remember to give us a call!

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