Premiering Dr. Gregory Wright’s New Website


Recently, MDPM Consulting completed the build for Dr. Gregory’s Wright new dental website. As with our other clients, we worked hard to incorporate Dr. Wright and Dr. Victoria Heron’s treatment philosophies, along with a healthy dose of SEO. To broaden a dental practice’s reach and help them attract new patients, we employ the latest dental marketing techniques.

Focus on SEO

Search engine optimization helps improve a company’s chances of landing on the first results page of a Google search. With proper SEO tactics, your website and blog can become especially attractive to Google’s search algorithms. For example, recent Google updates now place a focus on online reviews and social media presence. To take advantage of these changes, we provide a link on the homepage for patient reviews. Positive reviews can boost SEO. In addition, we helped provide a Facebook page, to improve Dr. Wright’s online presence. Google’s algorithms also rank blogs as news, which means a steady stream of new, original content can help a dental office obtain optimal search result placement. As you can see, MDPM Consulting helped Dr. Wright set up a regularly updated dental blog.

Highlighting Dr. Wright’s Approach to Dental Care

When we start the process of building, or rebuilding, a website, we conduct interviews to understand a dentist’s philosophy and what services he/she focus on. After all, your website should reflect your values and provide an introduction between you and potential patients. This can be seen in other dental websites built by MDPM consulting. Dr. Wright and Dr. Heron believe in providing quality care for the entire family, focusing on improving the health and esthetics of a patient’s smile. We strived to create copy that focused on Dr. Wright and Dr. Heron’s cosmetic, general, and restorative dental procedures and available care for patients of all ages.

About MDPM Consulting: We employ a team of talented graphic designers and copywriters to build and maintain dental websites, blogs, microsites, and more. Using the latest SEO techniques, we can help you implement a successful dental marketing strategy. For more information, call us today at (972) 781-8861.