Happy National Small Business Week!

Holiday_National Small Business Week

For several years now, we’ve had the pleasure of helping dentists and other business owners build their web presence and — ultimately — grow their business. Every day, the MDPM Consulting team works closely with our clients across the country to help them meet and exceed their business goals. We’re a small business, and our clients are small business owners, so we understand the value a small operation brings not only to our economy, but also to the communities we live and work in.

So, from us to you, Happy National Small Business Week! We’re right there along with you fighting the good fight to build and nurture a thriving enterprise. As always, we’re here for you to talk to, whether it be about marketing/SEO strategy, what’s new in your office, to brainstorm ideas, or (if we’re being honest) to get through the ins and outs, and ups and downs, that come with being a small business owner/employee. Working alongside of you is the best part of what we do, and we love learning about the heart behind your vision.

(P.S. The image above is from our May Social Media Kit, which we released last week. Our regular clients receive this kit as a complimentary gift each month to make social media engagement fast and easy for them. Now, you can get it, too!)

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