Having An Active Social Media Presence

mdpmsocialmediaIn our previous blog we mentioned the importance of sharing your completed blog on social media. Believe it or not, having an active social media presence can actually provide a boost to your SEO ranking. How do you accomplish this? Is simply sharing a few blogs a week enough? What information do your accounts need?

Social Media and SEO

When Google updates their algorithms, they do so to improve a searcher’s user experience. When you create a search engine optimization strategy, you reach the first page of a search for your services by improving user experience, which Google’s bots take notice of. One technique is an active social media presence. When a search engine sees people sharing and liking content from your website, you boost your SEO ranking since the search engine now register your website as credible. This also means you are actively engaging your clients.

Share Your Blogs!

You should always share your blogs. Not just on the website, but across multiple social networking platforms. Don’t limit yourself to just Facebook, also consider carrying a Twitter or Pinterest page. You can increase your reach as current clients share content that may reach people who would not have otherwise heard of your services. You then attract new followers and hopefully, new clients.

Can You Be Too Active?

How often should you post? Many people try to post something, whether a blog or an office update or just a useful piece of information, at least once a day. Others worry that posting too much will drive away people. At the moment, studies show that posting frequently and regularly leads to greater traffic over time. Now, this doesn’t mean just put up any random thing you come across online. The content should always be relevant to your business and/or your clients’ needs/questions. If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

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