How Color Impacts Websites and SERPs

mdpm colorThe tones and shades you choose for your website can have a very big impact on viewers. People are often surprised to find out how much you can communicate to potential patients or clients with your choice of color palette. For example, Google’s recent experiments with changing link colors has left some people confused and others a little annoyed. What does color say about your website design?

Google’s Color Experiment

Google has been known to alter link colors before. For example, the search giant tried out different shades of blue in 2014. However, they are currently experimenting with all black links. Some users report the links are the same color as text, leading to confusion. Why Google is tinkering with this choice isn’t clear, but the reaction of people on social media reveals just how important the colors you choose can be!

How Color Impacts Your Website Design

Does it matter what shades you choose for your website or logo? Yes, it does! Studies have shown that color can impact mood and even heart rate. A study conducted by Chonbuk National University in South Korea showed that warm shades increase heart rates (red, yellow, orange) and cooler colors slow heart rates (green, blue, purple). If you want to quickly grab a patient’s attention, select warmer shades. If you want a soothing, comfortable esthetic, try cooler colors. Keep this in mind as you approve potential logo and website design options.

Questions About Website Design?

If you have questions about your website and logo design, give us a call! Our team of graphic designers can work with you to choose a logo and web design that reflects your philosophy and the atmosphere you want your practice or business to convey. We can also help with branding, creating and operating your social media presence, and discussing an SEO strategy. From color to brands, MDPM Consulting has you covered.

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