How Do You Blog Successfully?

mdpmbloggingBlogging represents a key component of any search engine optimization strategy. But how do you blog successfully? There are several ways you can write a successful blog post, one that could potentially drive clients to your website. With the right steps, you can operate an informative and successful blog.

What’s in a Post?

First: what are you writing about? Remember, this is targeting current and potential clients. What are some questions they often ask you? What are some facts or information you feel they need to know? These should be your topics.

Next: Title! You have to grab them. Try using a question as a title, something like, “Is Your Liability Insurance Enough?” or “Are Whitening Strips Better Than Office Treatments?” These are examples of questions someone may want the answer to, so let them know you’re here to help. After all, you want them to see you as an authority, someone who has the experience and knowledge to address their queries. Someone whose services they should seek. A well-written and regularly maintained blog can really help you accomplish this.

How Many Times Should I Blog?

One a week? Once a month? Every day? How often do you need to post something? Studies show the more blogging you do the better your shares and leads. However, the magic number seems to be four times a week. A Hubspot Marketing article recently showed that more than four times a week doesn’t net much more in benefits, but less can definitely limit your reach.

I’ve Written a Post, Now What?

Now, you need to share it. While simply posting to your website does help SEO, since search engines see you regularly add new content. You want to reach people. To do this, you need social media. Share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Let people see it and share it. Doing so can help net more leads and Google and other search engines often reward websites who routinely share content on social media.

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