How Do You Improve Your Online Reputation?

coffeReviewsWhen people research a dental practice, or any business for that matter, they press the internet browser link on their phones. As a result, your online reputation is very important to drawing new clients. Without good reviews of your practice, you may become lost on a Google search results page, while other dental practices with better online reviews draw greater attention. How do you improve your online reputation? What can you do to encourage more people to leave positive reviews about your practice?

FAQs About Improving Your Online Reputation

Question: Do reviews really impact your online reputation?

Answer: Yes. A 2015 Local Consumer Review Survey showed that 92 percent of consumers read online reviews. Which means a vast majority of your potential clients will be looking at what people are saying about you before they schedule a visit. Having negative feedback, or non at all, could deter future patients.

Question: Do you need Google+ reviews to improve SEO?

Answer: Google takes several factors into account before placing a website on a search results page, including social media, content, and yes, what people are saying about your business. While this won’t have a huge impact, operating a Google+ account that includes legitimate reviews can potentially help improve your ranking.

Question: How do you respond to bad reviews?

Answer: Calmly and apologetically. If you appear upset, this can make the negative feedback appear to hold more weight to a person reading it. Instead, offer a simply apology and possibly a solution. You can also bury the bad review with an influx of positive, legitimate, ones.

Question: How do you encourage reviews?

Answer: Many offices try to encourage people to leave feedback with a drawing or a big prize. However, we all thrive on instant gratification. Instead of the chance to win a big prize, offering a Starbucks giftcard for leaving a review is more likely to appeal to someone. We’ve included an image with this blog as an example of what you can place in your office.

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