How Do You Increase Community Involvement?

On Friday, we took a look at how MDPM Consulting converted our office into an art gallery for local high school students. We also touched on the benefits for dentists of engaging with their community. In today’s blog, we would like to focus more on this topic and discuss ways to improve community involvement.

Benefits for Blogging, SEO, and Leads

Increasing your community involvement can have a number of benefits for your marketing plan. First, when you write about events in your city or town, you can implement local keywords to improve SEO. You can also have content to share on social media that people may find informative and be more willing to like, share, retweet, or comment on. As they do, others in their circle will be introduced to your content and in turn, your practice, which can help attract new leads.

Art Galleries and Fall Festivals

In addition to blogging and social media, you should try to attend events in person. For example, our art gallery allowed our company to meet so many members of our city! You can host events in your reception area or attend major town events. Many clients set up booths at fall festivals or similar events, which allows people to meet their team and schedule appointments. When they meet you and feel comfortable talking to you, they may be more likely to turn to you when looking for dental care.


You can also offer promotions, such as drawings to enter a contest and win a prize. Some of our clients have done this and worked with other businesses in the area, such as restaurants. The promotion then helps out your community while also sparking interest in your practice. If you have any questions about running a promotion or boosting your community involvement, then contact our team today.

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