How Do You Protect Your Website From Being Hacked?

mdpm hackedYour website is the key to your online presence, and the best tool for informing and attracting new clients/patients. However, what if someone gained access to your site and changed things, or in an extreme case, extorted you for control of your own website? How do you protect your website from being hacked?

How Does This Happen?

Typically, hackers find weaknesses in your website to exploit. For example, if you use WordPress, as a majority of websites do, then they look for older versions that have not been updated. They can then gain access. You need to take steps to help improve your site’s security.

How Can I Prevent Hacking?

There are steps you can take to reduce your risk of  being hacked, such as:

  • Ensure your website is backed up daily.
  • Always make sure you have control of your domain name.
  • Always update WordPress to the latest available version.
  • Use unique login names and passwords.

How Does MDPM Protect Client Websites?

We take this issue very seriously and, as a result, have safeguards in place to protect your website. Websites built and managed by MDPM are on a strict backup schedule. They are backed up at least once a week, sometimes daily.

We routinely check for new versions of WordPress and update client sites when necessary. Not only do we regularly update to the newest version, we also ensure all security measures are still in place after each update. To ensure all files are saved should something go wrong, a backup is made before every update.

We strongly encourage all of our clients to host and manage their domains with MDPM rather than a third party. It is up to the client to make this decision, but we enter into each business relationship expecting to host and manage domains for security reasons and ease of access.

As always, we encourage you to call or text MDPM Consulting at 972 – 781 – 8861 with your dental SEO questions, or email us at [email protected].