How Does Google Maps’ Newest Feature Impact You?

mdpmGoogle Maps just debuted a brand new feature that allows users to see how long they can expect to spend in a store or other venue. One of the first questions a business owner may ask is, “How does this affect me?” Well, that depends on the type of business you operate. Long time periods in one type of business may be expected, while in others this could actually be off-putting. How will this new feature impact your business?

Plan Your Visit

Using data gathered via crowdsourcing, Google Maps can determine the average amount of time spent in a business or practice. When you look under the popular times section you will now see “People typically spend (10) minutes here” or perhaps “People typically spend between (10 to 20 minutes) here.” The goal is to help people better plan their visits, and warn them of long wait times.

How Does This Impact You?

If you owned a coffee shop or restaurant, this new section could potentially turn people away by showing long wait times. As a dental practice, you have a bit more wiggle room. Long times spent in a practice make sense. After all, you may be receiving a crown or a prosthetic, which can sometimes be a time consuming affair. We will continue to monitor the roll out of this new feature to better determine how it will impact our clients and their SEO/online marketing strategies. For now, you can continue to focus on providing excellent client services.

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