How Important is User Engagement?

how important is user engagementUser engagement metrics might not exactly be a ranking signal (a Google announcement that shocked many people in the digital marketing world), but they are still vital to the value of your website. Among many other factors, how often people visit your website, how much they navigate through it, and where they tend to navigate to can tell you a lot about what parts of your site are most useful, and which areas could use some tweaking.

Design for Users, Not for Search Engines

Since the short-term goal of your SEO efforts is to drive people to your website and provide what they are looking for, user engagement can provide a fairly accurate measure of how well the site is accomplishing these goals. After all, the only way to abide by online marketing’s ever-changing guidelines is to ensure that you are catering to the reader (and not the search engine) in your site’s design, build, and content management.

Driving Online Engagement for Your Dental Practice

While we’ve discussed user experience (UX) before, this should not be confused with user engagement. User experience is gauged by the user, and describes his/her overall experience (i.e., easy and pleasurable) while perusing your site. User engagement, however, is assessed by a series of metrics, such as whether a user stays on the site after clicking on it from a search engine results page (SERP) or quickly backtracks to the results in search of a better option.

At MDPM Consulting, we consider user engagement metrics a priority when gauging the effectiveness of your online presence. How can you learn more about your site’s engagement metrics, and where you should focus on improving? By trusting your online presence and SEO campaign to the dental marketing experts!

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