How Involved Should You Be In Your Community?

Last week, we discussed the importance of community blogging. By taking the time to spotlight events in your community, you have a chance to drop organic local keywords. Plus, people in your community may really enjoy and appreciate these posts. Our clients often talk about how much their patients enjoy community blog posts. Today, we would like to expand on this topic a little. How involved should you be in your community? What benefits will this offer your practice?

Take Part in Community Events

Many of our clients will set up booths at local festivals or fairs. This provides the opportunity to give out goody bags of dental supplies, such as toothbrushes or toothpastes; and to mingle and interact with members of the community, allowing them to get to know you. Hopefully, when they need dental work, they will remember meeting you, which can give you an edge over other practices in your area. Becoming a part of your community involves more than just setting up shop within the city limits.

Giving Back

Some offices may offer scholarships, take part in charity events, or even host a drive to collect food or cash for local charities. People take notice when you give back, which means you can attract new patients while helping some great local causes.

Opportunities for Specials in Your Local Economy

We recently had a client offer a free dinner for two at a local restaurant as a way of encouraging people to visit the office. It not only helped draw people to their office, it helped generate new business for the restaurant, and also introduced their patients to a new place to eat.

We can Help!

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