How to Optimize Your Dental Video for Google Search

Did you know that Google owns YouTube? As the biggest and best search engine on the planet, Google’s goal is to provide Internet users with information. The volume and quality of information must be kept high if Google is to continue to outpace Bing and Yahoo. When you think about search engines in this way, and you consider that Google owns YouTube, it’s just logical that Google wants your YouTube videos to be informative and indexable. Many business owners, dentists included, post videos to YouTube but never see the benefit of their videos being ranked in search engine results. Why? Because no search engine can read images. Pictures and videos must have text with them so that search engines can determine the focus of their content and index them properly.

Video Scripts

Pictures need ALT-image tags, descriptive words in their code, so that Google can index them by subject matter. Likewise, videos need scripts. When you upload a video to YouTube, you have the option of optimizing it with titles, keywords, and descriptions. A commonly overlooked option is adding the video script – the closed captioning you see on a video – also called a video transcript. The video below explains how to add closed captions. It’s a pretty involved and time-consuming process.

Video Optimization Service

If you have videos, but you just can’t find time to optimize them all, call MDPM Consulting for help. We can transcribe and optimize your videos, and even add intro and exit slides with your logo and phone number. Particularly for dentists in competitive areas, dental video optimization is imperative for SEO. Call us today at 972-781-8861, and we’ll help your videos get indexed – and found – on Google.