How to Promote Your Facebook Fan Page

I come across a lot of people who claim a Facebook fan page*, then walk away and forget about it. This is a serious waste of 15 minutes.

Some people do it on a whim, then get otherwise committed. Some folks don’t have time to finish what they had the best intentions of starting. Usually, however, dentists get as far as creating a Facebook fan page, then wonder, What’s next?

Once you follow the simple setup instructions on Facebook, you might see the Get Started page (this page automatically goes away once you have 25 fans, and only you see it). Facebook advises you to post status updates, promote your fan page on your website, set up your phone app, and connect with Twitter.

From that point, you’re on your own… that is, unless you follow MDPM’s advice. I recommend 5 key to-do’s for new Facebook fan pages.

  1. Customize your fan page with an awesome landing page, like this one from Victoria’s Secret. (We can do this for you.)
  2. Send out well written emails to your current patients announcing your new Facebook page. (We can do this for you.)
  3. Run a contest in your office to encourage employees to get your patients to become Facebook fans. (We can do this for you.)
  4. Hook up your blog feed through the notes feature. (We can do this for you.)
  5. Put a Facbook icon and link to your fan page on your websites, blogs, email signatures, newsletters, and all other outgoing media. (We can do this for you.)

BONUS: Because you read all five to-do’s, here’s a bonus… Create posters or flyers with the Facebook logo and your custom Facebook username (you must have 25 fans to get a unique URL) in bold black print underneath. Then post the notices all over your office: operatories, bathrooms, lobby, checkout desk, children’s area, at sinks, and on the ceiling. (We cannot come to your office and tape posters on the ceiling. Sorry.)

*Some folks call a fan page a business or professional page. They’re all the same thing.