How Will A Mobile-First Index Affect You?

Google has again announced that mobile-first indexing is on the horizon. This means that when organizing results on a SERP page, websites that are mobile-friendly will net higher spots and users will be directed to them over sites not optimized for use on smartphones or tablets. As a dentist, how does this affect you and your online marketing strategy? Will you need to make changes to adapt?

Google’s Announcement

At the SMX West Conference, Google’s Gary Illyes spoke about Google’s upcoming mobile-first index. He said that the update may not appear for a number of weeks or possibly a number of months. However, he did say one very encouraging thing:

“Don’t freak out, especially if you have a responsive site.”

While this algorithm update is coming and is important, if you’re maintaining a responsive site then this won’t have a major impact on you. In fact, the algorithm update could actually be beneficial!

Do You Have a Responsive Site?

What is a responsive site? This is a website that is responsive and friendly to smartphones and tablets. If you don’t have this, then your site will be difficult to view and navigate, which means you could be turning away potential patients. In addition, with this update your website could lip in the rankings, as Google will now direct local searches to websites that are responsive to various devices.

We can Help!

Do you have a responsive website? If not, we can help! We can either redesign your current site or help you build a new one. We recommend websites be rebuilt or redesigned every three to five years anyway, as what people prefer in a site’s design and navigation will change every few years. Having an outdated design can turn people away almost as quickly as a non-mobile friendly one. If you have any questions or concern about this topic, then please contact our office today.

Do you have questions about preparing your websites for mobile-first indexing? We can help! Send MDPM an email at: [email protected], or give us a call at 972-781-8861. Talk to MDPM Consulting today!