How Will The Gestalt Theory Improve Your Web Design?

Did you know there is a psychology to design? Certain color combinations, shapes, and lines can influence the mood a piece can inspire. For website design, understanding this concept is crucial. One way to gain a better understanding of how your designs can influence a person is to understand the Gestalt Theory, Gestalt meaning “unified whole.” Whether you’re designing a logo or a website, these principles can aid in the process.

What are the Gestalt Principles?

  1. Continuation and Closure: Continuation refers to the use of lines or curves through an object or word to draw the eye, helping people perceive multiple objects as one image. Closure refers to creating an incomplete object by letting the human eye’s ability to see closed objects fill in the incomplete version, implying outer lines instead of actually drawing them.
  2. Similarity: With similarly, you take multiple objects that are similar in color, size, and shape to create the illusion of one cohesive image. You also add an anomaly, or one object that differs from the rest, to highlight a specific aspect of the design or logo.
  3. Proximity and Symmetry: Proximity means placing a group of different objects close together to imply a single image. They can be the same color and shape, but differ in size, or be the same size but differ in shape and color. This is related to symmetry, in which you ensure your logo or design has a sense of balance. Otherwise, the eye will pick up on the “missing” aspect and find the image ugly or poorly made.
  4. Figure and Ground: We’ve all seen the illusion of the vase and two faces. You can look at a picture and see two faces on either side, or a vase in the middle. This employs figure and ground to create an illusion. You can employ this principle to create a very unique logo.

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