I Got A Bad Review, What Now?

Despite your best efforts, you’re occasionally going to have a less than satisfied patient. But whether you’re just starting out or have an established practice, no one enjoys a negative appraisal of their services. If you receive a bad review, what do you do? What steps can you take to ensure more positive assessments and testimonials?

Are Bad Reviews Better Than None?

If you start accepting reviews, only to receive a few negative ones in the bunch, you may be tempted to avoid them altogether. However, when a person researches a doctor or dentist, they look at reviews. Having a mix of them (with admittedly more positive ones) is better than having none at all. Put yourself in their shoes. A lack of testimonials may make it seem like you’re brand new, don’t have many patients, or that you aren’t staying abreast of social media and online marketing. And if you’re behind on that, people may rightfully assume your behind on the treatments you offer as well.

How Do I Respond?

First, don’t delete the bad review, respond. Second, don’t match their anger. Stay calm, and apologize for their experience and invite them to contact you to address the issue. Even if they respond with more venom, you appeared calm, collected, and mature, which reflects well on your practice.

How Do I Garner Good Reviews?

First, simply ask patients to leave reviews. Often, happy patients will be glad to leave their thoughts when asked. In addition, you could try to our “Have a Cup of Coffee on Us” campaign, which offers a $5 Starbucks card in exchange for a positive testimonial. However, we recently interviewed a client that never had to use these tactics to amass multiple positive reviews.

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