Internet Real Estate: How Dentists Can Own the Whole Town

One word: Starbucks. It’s synonymous with coffee. Just a few short years ago, you couldn’t move a block in any direction without running into one, and inevitably, you needed a $4 coffee at the time. Heck, you’re still greeted by the heavy aroma of fresh coffee when you enter Albertson’s or Target. Starbucks may be experiencing some setbacks right now, but the company’s model of cornering the market is quite impressive.

What can a dentist learn from the Starbuck’s model?

Buying up all the dental offices in your town isn’t practical or profitable. Virtual real estate, however, is another issue. You can have a dental office on every corner on the Internet, with reasonable overhead and great ROI. It’s a brilliant concept, but it takes a lot of work. Enter Modern Dental Practice Marketing.

Here’s an example of how MDPM might build an online real estate portfolio to grow your business. In this example, the dentist would own four websites, three of which are blogs, and be heavily invested in social networking.

  1. Showcase Website – The Pretty Boy
    Build a Brand
    Build a Showcase Site
    Integrate the Site with Your Office 
  2. Three Blog Websites – The Workhorses
    Ex: Cosmetic Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Invisalign Clear Braces
    Targeted, Aggressive SEO
    Submissions, Submissions, Submissions
    Commentary & Backlinks
  3. Social Networking – The Mover & Shaker
    Set Up Facebook & Twitter
    Integration with Websites
    Team Training or Project Management
    Sound interesting? It’s definitely effective.

Call 972-781-8861, or email [email protected], and we’ll be happy to discuss your online marketing program. Whether you have a current dental website or you’re ready to step into the World Wide Web real estate game for the first time, the MDPM experts are here to help. Our affordable and practical Internet marketing solutions will deliver results.